Why use RateMyGovernment.ca?


Because it's FREE.



RateMyGovernment.ca can benefit both individual and organizational users in countless ways:





  • Build networks according to geographic location, partisan/non-partisan affiliations, university, and social causes/interests

  • • Showcase your political experience, add resume information, and more with our uniquely styled user accounts

  • • Participate in a fun and fully-loaded Community

  • • Debate and argue hot topic issues with other users in our debate forums

  • • Make your voice heard by rating politicians and public programs/services on all three levels of government

  • • Integrate with all of your other social media accounts for an enhanced experience


Political parties and Politicians


  • Recruit and mobilize new volunteers, supporters and donors by reaching a huge national base of visibly identified politically-interested users

  • • Increase your exposure nationally- featured profiles are a great way to do this

  • • Participate in discussions about political issues and put up debate questions and polls to test the public’s opinions/attitudes toward future policy ideas

  • • Connect to your constituents and receive their feedback in a variety of formats