Site Features


1.  Specially formulated rating and comment systems for politicians in Canada going from the Prime Minister down to city mayors, representing all three levels of government . Also, users can rate federal programs/services and basic municipally-provided services for the first time ever!


2.   A social networking platform and Community that are fully loaded with features including:


    • Private email and user accounts where you can post your resume, history of political involvement, and as much or as little personal details as you want


    • • Discussion and debate forums- where you can even discuss changes you would make to Canada if you were running the country!


    • • Pages where users can congregate and network according to their university, political party affiliations, geographic locations, and more


    • • Fun tools and educational resources



 Some examples of the how to use our rating system:

An example of a general debate topic with poll:



Our Community, showing the main page: