What is the purpose of RateMyGovernment?

Our mission is as follows:

A)     To be Canada’s first and only political-based social network- by providing a uniquely structured central platform for discussion, debate, and interaction for users across Canada.

B)      To engage citizens in a political process many have become disenchanted with because they feel their politicians and governments have neglected to properly represent their interests.

C)      To hold elected officials responsible- for both the good and bad things they do while in office

D)     To function as a feedback and measurement tool to gauge the general public’s opinions on government services/programs, policies, and attitudes toward politicians on all three levels of government.


What kinds of things can I rate?

- The Prime Minister and federal MPs

- Provincial premiers and MLAs/MPPs/MNAs/MHAs

- City/town services and mayors

- Government services/programs and crown corporations/agencies


This is an example of our ratings system:


Who created RateMyGovernment?

The concept for RateMyGovernment was first created in July 2012 by Ryan Klamot, the President and CEO of Klamot Global, and was developed in conjunction with Michael Harding, the CEO of NetFuel Inc.

What are the benefits of joining?


    - Build networks according to geographic location, partisan/non-partisan affiliations, university, and social causes/interests
    - Showcase your political experience, upload resumes, and more with our uniquely styled user accounts. You can even feature your profile for premium front page exposure!
    - Participate in a fun and fully-loaded Community
    - Debate and argue hot topic items with other users in our debate forums
    - Make your voice heard by rating politicians and public programs/services on all three levels of government
    - Integrate with all of your other social media accounts for an enhanced experience

Political parties and Politicians

    - Recruit and mobilize new volunteers, supporters and donors by reaching a huge national base of visibly identified politically-interested users
    - Increase your exposure nationally- featured profiles are a great way to do this
    - Participate in discussions about political issues and put up debate questions and polls to test the public’s opinions/attitudes toward future policy ideas
    - Connect to your constituents and receive their feedback in a variety of formats

Research/Data firms, Government, and other organizations

We will be extensively utilizing RateMyGovernment’s data collection capabilities and plan to provide data feeds for reasonable monthly fees to organizations who may benefit from this, including: universities, polling firms, research/communications agencies, governments, etc. Paid features such as polls and featured debate questions are a great way to collect data and statistical information apart from our monthly data feeds. 

What features are included in the Community?

- Discussion message boards
- Debate forums
- Party lounges- where users can congregate according to partisan affiliations
- University pages- where university students can network and connect
- Groups/Event pages
- User profiles with Inbox where you can talk about work history, political experience, and even upload a resume
- Resource section with cool and informative links 


Is a politically neutral site? Is partisan-bashing tolerated?

We are intended to be a neutral forum for constructive dialogue and discussion of politicians and government institutions. We invite all political parties, both major and minor, and all politicians to participate and contribute, which is why we’ve created the Party Lounge section of our Community.

When users sign up, they are agreeing to our ZERO-TOLERANCE Policy- which clearly states that impersonation, slander/libel, and any sort of troublemaking which includes threats/bullying/name-calling and harassment are prohibited from the site.  This includes partisan attacking/bashing. We have included buttons on every page where users can report abuse that occurs, upon which we will delete the profile in question at our discretion. Engage other users in debates but do so without name-calling or attacking.

Our terms of use may be viewed here. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to report any violations of our Zero-Tolerance Policy.

Is RateMyGovernment a trademark brand?

Yes, we are internationally protected by trademark.


There is incorrect or missing info on the site

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include links and specific descriptions.


I need to contact someone from the site or leave feedback

Visit our contact page here to determine how we can best serve your needs. We also have included a feedback form on the contact page and we would love to hear your comments/concerns about how we can improve